February 27, 2017


The first mission, Demeter, to study the Earth's electromagnetic environment and the earthquakes forecast, was launched on 29 June 2004 from Baikonur. The satellite was retired from service in 2011.

Demeter satellite
Demeter satellite

The Parasol mission was launched on 18 December 2004 from Kourou to study the properties of aerosols and clouds of the Earth's atmosphere.

Parasol Satellite
Parasol satellite

The Picard mission was launched on 15 June 2010 from Baikonor by a DNEPR launcher to study the Sun and its impact on the Earth's climate.

Picard Satellite
Picard satellite

Microscope mission was launched on 25 April 2016 to test the Equivalence Principle.

Microscope Satellite
Microscope satellite

Another mission using the Myriade microsatellite is:

  • Taranis (2017) Study of atmosphere-ionosphere-magnetosphere coupling during atmospheric storms.

Taranis Satellite
Taranis satellite

There are three additional missions fiunded by the French defence procurement agency DGA:

  • The Essaim constellation of 4 satellites was successfully launched on 18 December 2004 from Kourou together with Parasol. The pPrime contractor was Astrium.
  • The Spirale demonstrator (2 satellites). The prime contractor was Alcatel/Astrium.
  • The Elisa mission (4 satellites). The prime contractor was Astrium.

Four more missions were launched for institutional customers:

  • ALSAT-2A for Algeria
  • SSOT for Chile
  • ALSAT-2B for Algeria
  • Vn RedSat for Vietnam