30 Octobre 2014


Présentations sur la filière MYRIADE et ses missions


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    Overview on CNES Micro Satellites : in flight, under development and next
    7th, IAA Symposium on Small Satellites on Small Satellites for Earth Observation, May 4-8, 2009, Berlin, Germany.


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    Overview on CNES Micro and Mini Satellites Missions : in flight, under development and next
    Small Satellites Systems and Services, 4S Symposium, May 2008, Rhodes, Greece.


  • Bastien-Thiry C., 2006 :
    TARANIS, a MYRIADE mission dedicated to sprites characterization
    4S SymposiumChia Laguna, Sardinia.

  • Bastien-Thiry C., 2006 :
    DEMETER and PARASOL after 2 years in orbit: where are we?
    4S SymposiumChia Laguna, Sardinia.

  • Bastien-Thiry C., 2006 :
    PARASOL - Polarization & Anisotropy of Reflectance for Atmospheric Sciences coupled with Observations from a Lidar
    5th IAA Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation.

  • Dubois J.B. et al., 2006 :
    MICROSCOPE, a femto-g accelerometry mission: technologies and mission overview
    4S SymposiumChia Laguna, Sardinia.

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    MYRIADE CNES small satellites programme. Performances, missions, tool for education and cooperation
    57th IAC - Valencia.

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    PARASOL and CALIPSO: Experience Feedback on Operations of Micro and Small Satellites
    SPACEOPSRome, Italy.

  • Buisson F. et al., 2006 :
    PICARD: "Sun observation with a micro satellite: the PICARD project
    4S symposiumChia Laguna, Sardinia.

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    TOPSTAR 3000 GPS Receiver on Board DEMETER Microsatellite: Results of the First Year in Orbit Successful Operation

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    Lessons learnt from Micro-Satellites on-board Operations

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    Small Satellites CNES programme - Missions flown and in preparation, lessons learned, success conditions
    AIAA/USU 2006 Conference on Small Satellites - LOGAN -UTAH (USA).

  • Cipolla V. et al., 2006 :
    General architecture of ECLAIRs µsatellite
    20th Annual AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellite, Logan.


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    CNES micro satellites qualification to launcher environments: DEMETER and PARASOL feedback and new prospects
    Colloque Lanceur.

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    PARASOL, a satellite in the A-Train for Earth atmospheric variations
    IAC, Tokyo, Japan.

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    MICROSAT Solar Array Modular Concept Program Experience
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    De-Orbiting of small CNES satellites
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    DEMETER: First in-Orbit Results from DEMETER
    28th annual AAS Guidance and control conference.


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    Experiment of Autonomous Orbit Control on the DEMETER Satellite
    ISSFD, Munich.

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    MYRIADE microsatellites, a new way for agencies and industry to various missions
    4S Symposium La RochelleESA SP-571.

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    DEMETER: on ground validation and first In flight results (ESA SP-571)
    4S Symposium La RochelleESA SP-571.

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    DEMETER launch campaign
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    Cnes Myriade microsatellite family and Rosetta probe: low cost and low mass S band TT&C transceiver, pre launch and primary flight performances status.
    ESA third workshop on Tracking, Telemetry and Command Systems for Space Applications, Darmstadt, 7-9 September.


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    Process for the definition and validation of Flight Control Procedures

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